Pharaoh's palace-FMR

The pharaoh's palace.

The pharaoh's palace is the home of the prince in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories.

The king, queen, prince and Simon Muran all live here. Fizdis is a servant to the family at this palace.


When resided by the king and queen, the prince would often sneak out disguised as a commoner to meet friends.

After Heishin unlocked a strange magic, he invaded the palace and attacked Simon with the Millennium Rod. Fizdis informed the prince of what was happening and insisted that they escape. However Fizdis was held captive by Seto. Seto informed the prince that Hisehin had taken the queen and king captive and running away would result in their deaths. Seto demanded the Millennium Puzzle in exchange for their escapes. The prince refused but was then given the Puzzle by Simon Muran and told to run. However he was cornered by Heishin, who demanded the Puzzle. Simon managed to convince the prince to shatter it rather than hand it over. Simon then used a spell to seal himself and the prince within the puzzle until it is next solved.

The palace along with other buildings in the Metropolis were destroyed by Heishin in the prince's absence.

After the prince returned and defeated the Mages, the palace was restored as he ruled as king.

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