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Pete Coppermine
English name
  • Pete Coppermine
  • Male

Card Professor

Manga Deck


Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! R Duel Round 7: "There Goes Jonouchi"

Appears in
Coppermine, Pete

Pete Coppermine is the fifth Card Professor encountered in Yu-Gi-Oh! R, who Dueled Jonouchi. He is named after the Coppermine River in Oregon. The name of that river was used as a codename for the 866 MHz Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (FCPGA) Pentium III (P3-850) microprocessor, which was released by Intel.

Appearance and Personality

Pete is a thin man with long messy dark hair, wearing skin-tight black clothing, including detached sleeves. His eyes have thick dark outlines around them, though like other characters who demonstrate similar characteristics, it is unknown whether this is due to natural symptoms or make-up.

He demonstrates a prank-loving personality, hiding in the Solid Vision labs specifically to startle anyone who came down there. He also expressed an admiration of the Solid Vision system. Like all of the Card Professors, he was highly motivated by money. During his Duel with Jonouchi, he demonstrated a careful demeanor.


Coppermine was hired with many other Card Professors to guard the R.A. Project by Yako Tenma. He stationed himself in a laboratory-like room, containing Solid Vision holograms of mutated creatures floating in tubes. He himself hid in one of these tubes. Katsuya Jonouchi and Hiroto Honda ended up there and he pops out of the tube, startling Jonouchi. Pete informed Jonouchi that the reward for defeating him had increased since Jonouchi defeated Klamath Osler. Pete Dueled Jonouchi, but was defeated, with Jonouchi chiding him for being careless.[1]


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Katsuya Jonouchi 7 Lose

Pete uses a Mutant Deck, which focuses on taking control of his opponents' monsters with the effect of "Mutant Mindmaster".



  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! R Duel Round 7: "There Goes Jonouchi"

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