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Pendulum Summon




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Pendyuramu Shōkan


Pendulum Summon

A Pendulum Summon (Japanese ペンデュラム(しょう)(かん) Pendyuramu Shōkan, abbreviated (ペンデュラム)(しょう)(かん) in card text) is a form of Special Summon introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.[1] Pendulum Summoning allows the player to Summon multiple high-Level monsters all at once.[2][3]

Once per turn, during the Main Phase, if the turn player has a Pendulum Monster in each of their two Pendulum Zones, the player can Pendulum Summon any number of monsters from the hand and/or any number of Pendulum Monsters that are face-up in the Extra Deck with a Level between the blue Pendulum Scale of the Pendulum Monster in the left Pendulum Zone and the red Pendulum Scale of the Pendulum Monster in the right Pendulum Zone, exclusively.[4]

Any monster that would be Normal Summon-able can be Pendulum Summoned, such as Normal Monsters and Effect Monsters which do not have Nomi or Semi-Nomi Summoning conditions. Similarly, only face-up Pendulum Monsters in the Extra Deck are eligible to be Pendulum Summoned; Fusion Monsters, Synchro Monsters, and Xyz Monster cannot be Pendulum Summoned.

Note that because you can only Pendulum Summon monsters with Levels between the Pendulum Scales of the Pendulum Monsters, you cannot perform a Pendulum Summon if the Pendulum Scales of the two Pendulum Monsters are equal or are 1 apart (this does not prevent you from using the monsters' Pendulum Effects).

A Pendulum Summon is a type of inherent Summoning method just like a Normal Summon, Synchro Summon, or Xyz Summon, and thus after the Pendulum Scales have been placed, the player is not required to declare that they are about to Pendulum Summon and give the opponent a chance to respond. Thus it is not possible to cancel a Pendulum Summon already in progress by destroying one of the cards in the Pendulum Zone with "Mystical Space Typhoon" (although such a card could be activated earlier, such as at the start of the player's turn or in response to one of cards being activated in the Pendulum Zone).

A Pendulum Summon can be negated by cards that negate Special Summons like "Solemn Warning", "Black Horn of Heaven" and "Thunder King Rai-Oh"; however, if more than 1 monster would be Pendulum Summoned at the same time, then cards like "Thunder King Rai-Oh" that specify they can only be activated when exactly 1 monster would be Summoned cannot be activated. Cards like "Bottomless Trap Hole" can also be activated in response to the Summon, destroying and banishing all Pendulum Summoned monsters that had 1500 or more ATK.


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