Pendulum Effect



Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Pendyuramu Kōka


Pendulum Effect

Pendulum Effects (ペンデュラムこう (formatted as ペンデュラムこう exclusively in card text) Pendyuramu Kōka) are a type of card text unique to Pendulum Monsters. The Pendulum Effects of a Pendulum Monster are only active while in a Pendulum Zone.

Any Pendulum Effects a Pendulum Monster has are written in small typesetting in a partially transparent box, which overlays the card image, between the Pendulum Scales and above the card description box. Even Normal Pendulum Monsters (which have no Monster Effects) may have Pendulum Effects.

Not all Pendulum Monsters have Pendulum Effects; if they do not have any, the box is left empty.


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