"Parasite" (パラサイト Parasaito) is an archetype of Insect monsters used by Rin, Lulu Obsidian, and Celina while under the control of The Doktor in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.

Several older Insect monsters are also members of this archetype due to their name and used by Weevil Underwood.

Playing style

In the anime, "Fusion Parasite" is mainly used as a Fusion support card that allows the user to Fusion Summon anytime the monster is Special Summoned, substitutes itself as one of the Fusion Material, and protects the Fusion Monster from being destroyed either by battle or card effect. However, its true strength is to support "Parasite Queen", a monster that gains tremendous amount of attack power the more "Fusioner" on the field and can weaken the opponent's monster by equipping "Fusioner" to it. They are also supported by many spell and trap cards that Special Summon them from deck or graveyard, as well as preventing them from being destroyed or affected by opponent's card effect.