Crush Card Virus

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Crush Card Virus
English Crush Card Virus
Chinese 死之卡組破壞病毒
French Virus Broyeur de Carte
German Kartenvernichtungsvirus
Italian Virus Distruggi-Carte
Korean 죽음의 덱 파괴 바이러스
Portuguese Vírus Esmaga-Card
Spanish Virus Aplastacartas
Japanese (kana) しのデッキはかいウイルス
Japanese (base) 死のデッキ破壊ウイルス
Japanese (rōmaji) Shi no Dekki Hakai Uirusu
Japanese (translated) Deck Destruction Virus of Death
Other names Crush Card
Type Trap Card TRAP
Property Normal Normal
Passcode 57728570
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  • YugiohPrices
  • (English)
  • (German)
  • Video gameDate#NameCostAlignmentATKDEFStatus
    Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent2000-07-13???Present
    Dark Duel Stories2002-03-19???????????????Present
    The Eternal Duelist Soul2002-10-15Unlimited
    Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel2003-04-15Crush CardUnlimited
    The Sacred Cards2003-11-04661 25?????????Unlimited
    Nightmare Troubadour2005-07-21Deck Destruction Virus???Unlimited
    Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 20062006-02-23Crush Card???Unlimited
    GX Tag Force2006-09-14???Limited
    GX Tag Force 22007-09-18???Limited

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