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"Overextending" is the process of a player filling up his Monster Card Zones or Spell & Trap Card Zone, or both, with more cards than necessary, leaving the player at risk from cards such as "Mirror Force", "Dark Hole", "Evilswarm Exciton Knight", "World of Prophecy", "Straight Flush", "Malevolent Catastrophe", "Judgment Dragon" and "Gandora the Dragon of Destruction". Having a full field will likely prevent them from playing new cards.

Cards exist to specifically counteract players when they overextend. "Mirror Force" is one such card, designed to work against players who commit too many attacking monsters to the field. Cards like "Heavy Storm" also exist for use against players who leave too many Spell and/or Trap Cards on the field, although cards like "Magic Jammer", "Dark Bribe" and "Judgment of Anubis" can serve to protect against this. "Straight Flush" is a counterpart that also wipes out your opponent's Spell & Trap Card Zone, but is designed only to do so when it is full.

Ground Collapse, on the other hand, can prevent a player from overextending (although only with Monsters).

Cards that Counteract Overextending

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