Oshiruko Noodles

Oshiruko Noodles

Oshiruko Noodles (おしるこヌードル) is a brand of cup ramen in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. When introduced in the series, it was a popular new product.[1]

Oshiruko is a type of red bean soup, which is used to add flavor to many different Japanese cuisine.


Jack Atlas looked up information on where to find these noodles and brings Yusei Fudo, Crow Hogan and Bruno to the R.A. Market, only to find they had been sold out.[1]

Outside the market, a purse snatcher grabbed an old lady's shopping cart, full of Oshiruko Noodles. However, Lazar in disguise pulled him off his Duel Runner using a rope. Lazar proceeded to take the ramen for himself, but the lady misunderstood the situation and thought that he was trying to return the ramen to her. She gave him one of the five cups as a reward. Lazar grabbed two more and ran away.[1]

Yusei, Crow, Jack and Bruno cornered Lazar in an alley, demanding information on Yliaster. Jack got mad at Lazar over stealing noodles from him before.[1][2] As Crow tried calming Jack down, Lazar made his escape with two of three cups, which he brought home to feed his family.[1]


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