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Orichalcos Soldier
Chaos Disk Big


Anime Deck


Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! episode 164: "Reliving the Past"

Appears in
Orichalcos Soldier

Oricalcos Soldiers are creations of The Great Leviathan. They served Dartz and aided in his conquest of Atlantis.

One Dueled Yami Yugi and lost. The only two cards it uses are "The Seal of Orichalcos" and "Orichalcos Gigas". Its strategy consisted of continuously reviving "Gigas" via its effect to increase its ATK.

More are shown later that collect souls for Dartz and attack the group. Afterwards, they retreat back to the locust as sacrifice for power to the evil beast.


Since they were born from the Orichalcos itself, it possess no ideal or knowledge of their own; they can only use their pure instinct to do battle.


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