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Order of Chaos
  • Order of Chaos

L'Ordre du Chaos


Order of Chaos


Ordine del Chaos


Orden de Caos




Ōdā obu Kaosu


오더 오브 카오스

Revised Romanization

Odeo obeu Kaoseu

Set information


  • ORCS-EN (en)
  • ORCS-FR (fr)
  • ORCS-DE (de)
  • ORCS-IT (it)
  • ORCS-SP (es)
  • ORCS-JP (ja)
  • ORCS-KR (ko)
Order number


Number of cards
  • 80 (OCG)
  • 100 (TCG)
Cover card
Sneak Peek card

Inzektor Axe - Zektahawk

Yugioh-Card database ID
Related sets
Sneak Peek

Order of Chaos Sneak Peek Participation Card

2-pack set

Order of Chaos 2-Pack Set

Special Edition

Order of Chaos: Special Edition

Release dates
  • November 19, 2011
English (na)
  • January 14, 2012 (Sneak Peek)
  • January 24, 2012
English (eu)
  • January 20, 2012
English (oc)
  • January 20, 2012
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • January 19, 2012
  • February 9, 2012

Order of Chaos

Order of Chaos is a set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the seventh set of the OCG's 7th Series after. It is followed by Galactic Overlord.

The North American Sneak Peeks for this set took place from January 14–15, 2012.

Packs of the TCG set were also printed in the Order of Chaos: Special Edition.


Order of Chaos contains many cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime, including cards used by Yuma Tsukumo, Astral, Reginald Kastle, Kite Tenjo, Lillybot, Kaze and Number 96. The TCG version of this set also includes cards used by Alexis Rhodes, Tetsu Trudge, Greiger and Elsworth.

It introduces the "Armor Ninja" and "Inzektor" Archetypes to the OCG. It also introduces the first support for the "Gagaga" and "Gogogo" Archetypes, and also includes further members and support for the "Ninja", "Wind-Up", "Photon", "Charmer", "Number", "Evol", "Mist Valley" and "Ninjitsu Art" archetypes/series. It also supports DARK, LIGHT, WIND, and FIRE-Attribute monsters, as well as Gemini monsters. The TCG set also contains members for the "Koala" and "X-Saber" archetypes.


In the Japanese version there are 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box.

The OCG set includes 80 cards or 86 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:

In the TCG there are 9 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. The set contains 100 cards or 111 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



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Set number Name Rarity Category
ORCS-EN000 Inzektor Axe - Zektahawk Super Rare Equip Spell Card
ORCS-EN001 Kurivolt Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN002 Darklon Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN003 Gagaga Girl Secret Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN004 Gogogo Giant Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN005 ZW - Unicorn Spear Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN006 Shocktopus Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN007 Photon Lizard Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN008 Photon Thrasher Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN009 Photon Crusher Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN010 Photon Leo Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN011 Photon Circle Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN012 Reverse Buster Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN013 Flame Armor Ninja Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN014 Air Armor Ninja Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN015 Aqua Armor Ninja Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN016 Earth Armor Ninja Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN017 Inzektor Hornet Super Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN018 Inzektor Ant Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN019 Inzektor Centipede Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN020 Inzektor Dragonfly Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN021 Inzektor Giga-Mantis Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
ORCS-EN022 Inzektor Giga-Weevil Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN023 Wind-Up Rat Super Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN024 Wind-Up Honeybee Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN025 Evoltile Pleuro Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN026 Evoltile Casinerio Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN027 Evolsaur Elias Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN028 Evolsaur Terias Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN029 Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
ORCS-EN030 Masked Ninja Ebisu Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN031 Upstart Golden Ninja Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN032 Chow Len the Prophet Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN033 Familiar-Possessed - Dharc Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN034 Dark Blade the Captain of the Evil World Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN035 Trance Archfiend Short Print Effect Monster
ORCS-EN036 Divine Dragon Apocralyph Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN037 Darkstorm Dragon Super Rare Gemini monster
ORCS-EN038 Numen erat Testudo Short Print Effect Monster
ORCS-EN039 Twin Photon Lizard Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Fusion Monster
ORCS-EN040 Number C39: Utopia Ray Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-EN041 Blade Armor Ninja Super Rare Xyz Monster
ORCS-EN042 Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-EN043 Number 96: Dark Mist Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-EN044 Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-EN045 Evolzar Solda Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-EN046 Inzektor Exa-Beetle Secret Rare Xyz Monster
ORCS-EN047 Full-Force Strike Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN048 Gagagabolt Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN049 Double Defender Common Continuous Spell Card
ORCS-EN050 Galaxy Storm Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ORCS-EN051 Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy Super Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN052 Star Light, Star Bright Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN053 Armor Blast Super Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN054 Inzektor Sword - Zektkaliber Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Equip Spell Card
ORCS-EN055 Weights & Zenmaisures Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN056 Primordial Soup Common Continuous Spell Card
ORCS-EN057 Evo-Force Super Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN058 Dark Mambele Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN059 Creeping Darkness Super Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN060 Shrine of Mist Valley Rare Field Spell Card
ORCS-EN061 Xyz Burst Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-EN062 Galaxy Wave Common Continuous Spell Card
ORCS-EN063 Dicephoon Short Print Quick-Play Spell Card
ORCS-EN064 Counterforce Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN065 Gagagaguard Rare Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN066 Xyz Reflect Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Counter Trap Card
ORCS-EN067 Splash Capture Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN068 Armor Ninjitsu Art of Freezing Common Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-EN069 Armor Ninjitsu Art of Rust Mist Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-EN070 Inzektor Orb Rare Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN071 Variable Form Common Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-EN072 Zenmailstrom Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN073 Degen-Force Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN074 Evo-Branch Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN075 Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-EN076 Xyz Reborn Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN077 Over Capacity Rare Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN078 The Huge Revolution is Over Short Print Counter Trap Card
ORCS-EN079 Royal Prison Rare Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-EN080 Sealing Ceremony of Katon Common Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-EN081 Inzektor Hopper Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN082 Wind-Up Shark Super Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN083 Evoltile Najasho Super Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN084 White Dragon Ninja Secret Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN085 Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN086 Tour Bus From the Underworld Secret Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN087 Photon Trident Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ORCS-EN088 Evo-Instant Rare Normal Trap Card
ORCS-EN089 Ninjitsu Art of Duplication Rare Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-EN090 White Night Queen Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-EN091 Danipon Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN092 Sweet Corn Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN093 Vampire Koala Common Effect Monster
ORCS-EN094 Koalo-Koala Common Fusion Monster
ORCS-EN095 Dark Diviner Super Rare Synchro Monster
ORCS-EN096 Dark Flattop Rare Synchro Monster
ORCS-EN097 Driven Daredevil Secret Rare Synchro Monster
ORCS-EN098 Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh Secret Rare Xyz Monster
ORCS-EN099 M-X-Saber Invoker Secret Rare Xyz Monster

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Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
ORCS-JP001 Kurivolt クリボルト Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP002 Darklon ダークロン Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP003 Gagaga Girl ガガガガール Super Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP004 Gogogo Giant ゴゴゴジャイアント Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP005 ZW - Unicorn Spear ZW(ゼアル・ウェポン)-一角獣皇槍(ユニコーン・キング・スピア) Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP006 Shocktopus シャクトパス Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP007 Photon Lizard フォトン・リザード Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP008 Photon Thrasher フォトン・スラッシャー Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP009 Photon Crusher フォトン・クラッシャー Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP010 Photon Leo フォトン・レオ Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP011 Photon Circle フォトン・サークラー Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP012 Reverse Buster リバース・バスター Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP013 Flame Armor Ninja 機(き)甲(こう)忍(にん)者(じゃ)フレイム Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP014 Air Armor Ninja 機(き)甲(こう)忍(にん)者(じゃ)エアー Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP015 Aqua Armor Ninja 機(き)甲(こう)忍(にん)者(じゃ)アクア Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP016 Earth Armor Ninja 機(き)甲(こう)忍(にん)者(じゃ)アース Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP017 Inzektor Hornet 甲虫装機(インゼクター) ホーネット Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP018 Inzektor Ant 甲虫装機(インゼクター) アーマイゼ Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP019 Inzektor Centipede 甲虫装機(インゼクター) センチピード Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP020 Inzektor Dragonfly 甲虫装機(インゼクター) ダンセル Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP021 Inzektor Giga-Mantis 甲虫装機(インゼクター) ギガマンティス Super Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP022 Inzektor Giga-Weevil 甲虫装機(インゼクター) ギガウィービル Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP023 Wind-Up Rat ゼンマイネズミ Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP024 Wind-Up Honeybee ゼンマイハニー Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP025 Evoltile Pleuro エヴォルド・プレウロス Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP026 Evoltile Casinerio エヴォルド・カシネリア Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP027 Evolsaur Elias エヴォルダー・エリアス Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP028 Evolsaur Terias エヴォルダー・テリアス Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP029 Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo 忍(にん)者(じゃ)マスター HANZO(ハンゾー) Super Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP030 Masked Ninja Ebisu 覆(ふく)面(めん)忍(にん)者(じゃ)エビス Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP031 Upstart Golden Ninja 成金(ゴールド)忍(にん)者(じゃ) Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP032 Chow Len the Prophet 予(よ)言(げん)僧(そう) チョウレン Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP033 Familiar-Possessed - Dharc 憑(ひょう)依(い)装(そう)着(ちゃく)-ダルク Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP034 Dark Blade the Captain of the Evil World 闇(やみ)魔(ま)界(かい)の戦(せん)士(し)長(ちょう) ダークソード Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP035 Trance Archfiend トランス・デーモン Normal Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP036 Divine Dragon Apocralyph 神(しん)竜(りゅう) アポカリプス Common Effect Monster
ORCS-JP037 Darkstorm Dragon ダークストーム・ドラゴン Super Rare Gemini monster
ORCS-JP038 Numen erat Testudo 後(のち)に亀(かめ)と呼(よ)ばれる神(かみ) Normal Rare Effect Monster
ORCS-JP039 Twin Photon Lizard ツイン・フォトン・リザード Super Rare Fusion Monster
ORCS-JP040 Number C39: Utopia Ray C(カオス)No.(ナンバーズ)39 希(き)望(ぼう)皇(おう)ホープレイ Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-JP041 Blade Armor Ninja 機(き)甲(こう)忍(にん)者(じゃ)ブレード・ハート Super Rare Xyz Monster
ORCS-JP042 Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja No.(ナンバーズ)12 機(き)甲(こう)忍(にん)者(じゃ)クリムゾン・シャドー Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-JP043 Number 96: Dark Mist No.(ナンバーズ)96 ブラック・ミスト Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-JP044 Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity 発(ぜん)条(まい)空(くう)母(ぼ)ゼンマイティ Super Rare Xyz Monster
ORCS-JP045 Evolzar Solda エヴォルカイザー・ソルデ Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-JP046 Inzektor Exa-Beetle 甲虫装機(インゼクター) エクサビートル Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
ORCS-JP047 Full-Force Strike 渾(こん)身(しん)の一(いち)撃(げき) Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP048 Gagagabolt ガガガボルト Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP049 Double Defender ダブル・ディフェンダー Common Continuous Spell Card
ORCS-JP050 Galaxy Storm ギャラクシー・ストーム Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ORCS-JP051 Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy 機(き)甲(こう)忍(にん)法(ぽう)ゴールド・コンバージョン Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP052 Star Light, Star Bright 星(ほし)に願(ねが)いを Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP053 Armor Blast アーマーブラスト Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP054 Inzektor Sword - Zektkaliber 甲虫装機(インゼクター)の魔(ま)剣(けん) ゼクトキャリバー Common Equip Spell Card
ORCS-JP055 Weights & Zenmaisures 揺(ゆ)れる発(ぜん)条(まい)秤(ばかり) Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP056 Primordial Soup 原(げん)初(しょ)のスープ Common Continuous Spell Card
ORCS-JP057 Evo-Force 強(きょう)制(せい)進(しん)化(か) Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP058 Dark Mambele ダーク・ジェノサイド・カッター Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP059 Creeping Darkness 忍(しの)び寄(よ)る闇(やみ) Super Rare Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP060 Shrine of Mist Valley 霞の谷(ミスト・バレー)の祭(さい)壇(だん) Field Spell Card Rare
ORCS-JP061 Xyz Burst エクシーズ・バースト Common Normal Spell Card
ORCS-JP062 Galaxy Wave ギャラクシー・ウェーブ Common Continuous Spell Card
ORCS-JP063 Dicephoon サイコロン Normal Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
ORCS-JP064 Counterforce 反(はん)発(ぱつ)力(りょく) Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-JP065 Gagaga Guard ガガガガード Rare Normal Trap Card
ORCS-JP066 Xyz Reflect エクシーズ・リフレクト Common Counter Trap Card
ORCS-JP067 Splash Capture スプラッシュ・キャプチャー Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-JP068 Armor Ninjitsu Art of Freezing 機(き)甲(こう)忍(にん)法(ぽう)フリーズ・ロック Common Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-JP069 Armor Ninjitsu Art of Rust Mist 機(き)甲(こう)忍(にん)法(ぽう)ラスト・ミスト Common Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-JP070 Inzektor Orb 甲虫装機(インゼクター)の宝珠(オーブ) Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-JP071 Variable Form ヴァリュアブル・フォーム Common Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-JP072 Zenmailstrom 螺(ら)旋(せん)式(しき)発(ぜん)条(まい) Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-JP073 Degen-Force 強(きょう)制(せい)退(たい)化(か) Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-JP074 Evo-Branch 進(しん)化(か)の分(ぶん)岐(き)点(てん) Common Normal Trap Card
ORCS-JP075 Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation 忍(にん)法(ぽう) 超(ちょう)変(へん)化(げ)の術(じゅつ) Rare Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-JP076 Xyz Reborn エクシーズ・リボーン Super Rare Normal Trap Card
ORCS-JP077 Over Capacity 重(じゅう)量(りょう)オーバー Rare Normal Trap Card
ORCS-JP078 The Huge Revolution is Over 大(だい)革(かく)命(めい)返(がえ)し Normal Rare Counter Trap Card
ORCS-JP079 Royal Prison 王(おう)宮(きゅう)の牢(ろう)獄(ごく) Rare Continuous Trap Card
ORCS-JP080 Sealing Ceremony of Katon 火(カ)遁(とん)封(ふう)印(いん)式(しき) Common Continuous Trap Card


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