"One Month Schedule (part 2)" is a yonkoma, which appeared at the end of the eighth chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga. It is a continuation of "One Month Schedule (part 1)".


  • Naoyuki Kageyama says that he helps out at Yu-Gi-Oh! R and is shown asking one of the artists to give him work.
  • He is give a page from a chapter and asks why there is a big blank space behind Seto Kaiba. He is told that that is for the three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" and angrily calls the artists a slacker for not drawing it himself.
  • Kageyama rapidly draws various items for Yu-Gi-Oh! R. (In the English version, he mistakenly calls Seto, Mokuba.)
  • In the end he falls asleep and narrates that he ends up living in the office for about two weeks and then the pattern repeats.

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