An Official Proxy is a mock image of a card that is usually used in place of an unreleased card. These are commonly used in articles to advertise upcoming sets.

Sites which use Official Proxy images include, but are not limited to, Konami, YuGiOh! World, ToyWiz, Konami press release mail and Aikawa in V Jump staff blogs. Official Proxy images are also often used in printed materials, such as articles on the OCG and TCG printed in Weekly Shōnen Jump and Shonen Jump.

Official Proxy images can be identified by their "clean" appearance (particularly for cards with foil names and/or artworks), by the lack of passcode in the lower left corner, and by the lack of Eye of Anubis hologram in the lower right corner (either missing entirely or replaced by a solid square).

If these images are shown ahead of a card's official release, they are not guaranteed to be a perfect representative of what the card will be released as. "Seismic Crasher" had a different artwork on its Official Proxy to its eventual print, and several cards have had their card text changed before their release (for a complete list, see Category:Errata table transclusions with Official Proxy images).


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