The obese fangirl is an unnamed character, who is a student at Domino High School.

She is easily infatuated by pretty boys or ones with mysterious skills, such as Kokurano, Ryo Bakura and Duke Devlin.

She appears three times in the manga, once in the Toei anime and once in the NAS anime.



The fangirl in the manga.

The girl attended one of Kokurano's fortune telling sessions. Kokurano told her that as long as she doesn't die, she will continue to live. Oblivious to the lack of any actual future being told, bar the obvious, she is easily impressed and foolishly fond of him.[1] In the first series anime, instead of how long will she live, she asked Kokurano how long would she be beautiful, oblivious to her appearance. Kokurano told her that it will be that way until she dies, which made her happy.[2]

While, Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda were speaking with Ryo Bakura, who had just transferred to Domino High, the obese fangirl and three other girls approached them and told Jonouchi to quit hogging Bakura. The four of them pulled Bakura away and give him a tour of the school. She started to squeal when Mr. Karita told Bakura off and asked if he was alright after Karita left.[3]


The fangirl in the second series anime.

When Duke Devlin transferred to Domino High, she was once again easily infatuated and admired his dice tricks.

In the anime, she and two other girls dressed-up as cheerleaders support Duke (Ryuji) in his game of Duel Monsters with Joey (Jonouchi) and Dungeon Dice Monsters with Yugi.[4]


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