Number C39: Utopia Ray (archetype)

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Number C39: Utopia Ray
The sealed form of "Number C39: Utopia Ray".

  • カオスNo.ナンバーズ39 ぼうおうホープレイ
  • CNo.39 希望皇ホープレイ (base)
  • カオスナンバーズ39 きぼうおうホープレイ (ruby)
  • Kaosu Nanbāzu Sanjūkyū Kibō'ō Hōpurei (romanized)
  • Chaos Numbers 39: King of Wishes, Hope Ray (translated)


  • Numéro C39 : Rayon Utopie


  • Nummer C39: Utopiastrahl


  • Numero C39: Raggio Utopia
  • Numero Caos 39: Raggio Utopia


  • C카오스No.넘버즈39 유토피아 레이
  • CNo.39 유토피아 레이 (base)
  • 카오스넘버즈39 유토피아 레이 (ruby)
  • Kaoseu Neombeojeu 39 Yutopia Rei (romanized)
  • Chaos Numbers 39: Utopia Ray (translated)


  • Número C39: Raio Utopia


  • Número C39: Rayo Utopía

Anime appearances

Manga appearances

"Number C39: Utopia Ray" or "Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray" in the anime, known as "Chaos Numbers 39: King of Wishes, Hope Ray" (カオスNo.ナンバーズ39 ぼうおうホープレイ Kaosu Nanbāzu Sanjūkyū Kibō'ō Hōpurei) in Japan, is a sub-archetype to the "Chaos", "Number", "Number C", "Utopia", "Utopic" and "Number 39: Utopia" archetypes.

All "Number C39: Utopia Ray" monsters are upgraded versions of "Number 39: Utopia", and their effects need a "Utopia" monster to be the most effective.

This archetype is solely supported by the anime effect of "DZW - Chimera Clad". The archetype's counterpart in the TCG/OCG is, for all intents and purposes, "Number C39". There is no difference in membership between the two archetypes.

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