"Number C10X" (カオスNo.ナンバーズ10X Kaosu Nanbāzu Hyaku), read as "Chaos Over-Hundred Number" in the Japanese version and as "Chaos Number Over One Hundred" or "Chaos Number Over a Hundred" in the dub, is a sub-archetype to the "Number C" and "Number 10X" archetypes used by the Seven Barian Emperors of the Barian World as their signature cards. In the anime, the majority of them were first Summoned through Rank-Up by using "Rank-Up-magic Barian's Force" on their corresponding "Number 10X" base form. After Nash and Marin had their memories restored, the Barian Emperors gained the ability to use "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One", allowing them to easily Summon their ace cards directly from the Extra Deck or Graveyard. Most monsters in this archetype have effects that inflict a lot of damage and/or negate their opponent's effects, and in the anime, were commonly seen being used to negate protection effects such as that of Yuma's "Number C39: Utopia", Vector's "Number 43: Manipulator of Souls" and Kite's "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". Any of the monsters in the archetype can be combined together to Xyz Summon "CXyz Barian Hope".

The first support card explicitly for this sub-archetype was "Chaos Mad Feast". Like "Number 10X", this archetype's name is somewhat unusual in that the exact string "C10X" does not actually appear in any of its members' names. Instead, the text of "Chaos Mad Feast" uses the clause "X is any number from 1 to 7" (「Xは1~7の任意の数値」).

Common among all "C" monsters of Barian origin, each "Number C10X" monster appears to have a red aura-like energy coursing through their body. All "Number C10x" monsters except "Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade" have the same Attributes as their base forms.


Symbol Monster Neutral form Owner(s) Base Number Number location
Number C101
Silent Honor DARK None Nash Silent Honor ARK Right leg spike
Number C102
Archfiend Seraph None Dumon (Originally)
Don Thousand
Star Seraph Sentry Right wing
Number C103
Ragnafinity None Marin (Originally)
Don Thousand
Ragnazero Right hip
Number C104
Umbral Horror Masquerade
Vector (Originally)
Don Thousand
Masquerade Across forehead
Number C105
Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus None Alito (Originally)
Don Thousand
Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus Right side of chest
Number C106
Giant Red Hand
Girag (Originally)
Don Thousand
Giant Hand Left spike
Number C107
Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon
Mizar (Originally)
Don Thousand
Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon Right chest plate


Like the "Number C" monsters, "Number C10X" monsters cannot use some their effects unless their base forms are attached to them as Overlay Unit, or in the case of "Silent Honor DARK" and "Ragnafinity", in the Graveyard.

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