North Academy submarine

The North Academy submarine.

The North Academy submarine, known as the North School submarine in the Japanese version, is a vehicle used by the occupants of North Academy.


The submarine, with Chancellor Foster aboard, would rescue Chazz Princeton after he falls overboard from his family's yacht. Foster, in disguise at the time, would drop Chazz's Deck into a puddle of water, ruining the cards. He handed Chazz an "Ojama Yellow" card, telling him that the card will be very important to his future. He then ejects Chazz from the submarine, and he lands near North Academy.[1]

The submarine would be used by North Academy's fifty-one students and Foster himself to travel to Duel Academy for the interscholastic match, where it would land at the docks.[2] The students and Foster would take the submarine back to North Academy shortly thereafter, without Chazz, who opted to re-enroll at Duel Academy.[3]


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