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Normal Monster




Japanese (romanized)

Tsūjō Monsutā


Normal Monster


Normal Monsters (Japanese: (つう)(じょう)モンスター Tsūjō Monsutā), colored yellow, are primarily used to protect your Life Points from Direct Damage. In exchange for having no effect, the area where the effect is placed is replaced with a description of the monster or a brief narrative about its history.

Though they do not have inherent effects, there are often Spell, Trap, or Monster effects associated with specific Normal Monsters. For example, "Dark Magic Attack" can only be used with "Dark Magician", "Huge Revolution" can only be activated with 3 specific Normal Monsters on the field, and "X-Head Cannon", "V-Tiger Jet" and "Dark Blade" are the only legal targets for three specific Union Monsters; however, Normal Monsters have received some very powerful support cards for general use, such as "Birthright", "Summoner's Art", "Knight of the Red Lotus", "Princess Cologne", "Dark Factory of Mass Production" and, more recently, some Pendulum Monsters that offer direct support to Normal Monsters have been released, as stated hereinafter.

At no point is any card other than the "yellow" monsters considered a "Normal Monster", except by a card effect. A non-Normal Monster can be considered a Normal Monster in specific contexts based on some card effects (see Gemini monsters, "Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry", "Noble Knight Medraut"). If Fusion, Ritual, Synchro or Xyz Monsters (e.g. "Master of Oz", "Chakra", "Naturia Leodrake" or "Gem-Knight Pearl", respectively) have no effect, they are considered to be "Non-Effect Monsters", rather than Normal Monsters.

A subset of Normal Monster support is devoted to that of Normal Monsters that are low in Level (typically Level 3 or lower), allowing them to be Summoned from the Deck en masse, to flood the field with cards like "Human-Wave Tactics" or "Enchanting Fitting Room", to then be powered up with cards like "Triangle Power", "Amulet of Ambition", or "Sword of the Soul-Eater", or used to get rid of your opponent's cards in their hand and on their side of the field with "The Law of the Normal".

The card text (or flavor text) on Normal Monsters is for illustrative purposes only, and has no effect on gameplay (except for "Summoned Skull" and "Beast of Talwar", that have a condition statement that includes them in the "Archfiend" archetype); however, these texts can show how that monster is related to other cards in the game, such as the flavor text of "Opticlops", that explicitly states that it serves "Dark Ruler Ha Des".

The release of Photon Shockwave has given some more support for Normal Monsters. "Creepy Coney" damages its opponent when its owner controls Normal Monsters; "Thunder End Dragon" has a strong effect but requires 2 Normal Monsters in order to be Xyz Summoned; finally, "Rescue Rabbit" is a remarkable monster that only works with Normal Monsters mostly used to provide quick access to Xyz monsters. Further support came with Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown, with "Terratiger" and "Ventdra, the Empowered Warrior", "White Tiger" and "Blue Dragon Summoner", and then with Duelist Alliance and The New Challengers, each one of them bringing a TCG-exclusive Pendulum Monster that directly support Normal monsters (while also being Normal Monsters themselves): "Dragon Horn Hunter" and "Lancephorhynchus".




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