Noble Knight Artorigus is a character version of the card "Noble Knight Artorigus".

He appears as a Super Partner available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena, with a default of 5 Rental Points. His partner ID is P127.

He was only obtainable by achieving any Rank from 1 to 100 on the Arena Weekly Win Ratings (Single) for the time period of November 10, 2014, 00:00 (UTC) through November 16, 2014, 23:59 (UTC). Applicable players received him in their Gift Boxes after maintenance on November 19, 2014.


Young and clever knight belonging to Tales of the Noble Knights. His mysterious destiny starts when he meets a brilliant sword...


Warrior type deck battling by Noble Knight equipped with Noble Arms. Let's use the effects that it is regarded as normal monster when it doesn't equip Noble Arms and destroyed Noble Arms can be equipped again wisely.

Post-January 21, 2015 Maintenance

Noble Knights of the Round Table
Side Deck

Pre-January 21, 2015 Maintenance

Noble Knights of the Round Table
Side Deck

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