Neo-Spacian Grand Mole is a character version of the card "Neo-Spacian Grand Mole". He appears as a Duel Spirit in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.


Grand Mole first appeared when Jaden drew him during a Duel against Lorenzo. He use Grand Mole against "Big Core", he attack Big Core and use his effect. By achieving his effect, Jaden return Grand Mole into his hand and return "Big Core" into Lorenzo's hand. Jaden manage to stop Lorenzo's "Boss Rush" combo and beat him in the end.

Non-canon appearances


In World Championship 2007

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007. He appears as a Level Four Limited Duelist and he challenges the player not to used monsters with an ATK/DEF of 1000 or more. By beating him, the player gets closer to unlocking Level Five Limited Duelists and a new Booster Pack.


In World Championship 2007, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole uses a Lockdown Deck tilted, "Under 1000".

Under 1000

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