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This Property entry details every card that can negate itself by its own effect.

All OCG/TCG "Negates itself" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Ambitious Gofer野望のゴーファーMonster Card
Effect Monster
Evigishki Tetrogreイビリチュア・テトラオーグルMonster Card
Ritual Monster
Fairy Tail - Luna妖精伝姫-カグヤMonster Card
Effect Monster
Flower Cardian Lightshower花札衛-雨四光-Monster Card
Synchro Monster
Jurrac Gallimジュラック・ガリムMonster Card
Effect Monster
Number 44: Sky PegasusNo.44 白天馬スカイ・ペガサスMonster Card
Xyz Monster
Scrounging GoblinおねだりゴブリンMonster Card
Effect Monster
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Battle Breakバトル・ブレイクTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Dark Scheme暗黒の謀略Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Dark Spirit Art - Greed闇霊術-「欲」Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Light Barrier光の結界Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Magic Drainマジック・ドレインTrap Card
Counter Trap Card
Counter Trap Card
Spiritual Light Art - Hijiri光霊術-「聖」Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card

All Anime "Negates itself"

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Battlewasp - Twinbow the AttackerB・F-連撃のツインボウEffect MonsterWINDInsect30000100000000500
Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu (anime)地縛神 Aslla PiscuEffect MonsterDARKWinged Beast100000250000002500
Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu (anime)地縛神 Ccapac ApuEffect MonsterDARKFiend100000300000002500
Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua (anime)地縛神 CcarayhuaEffect MonsterDARKReptile100000280000001800
Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua (anime)地縛神 Chacu ChallhuaEffect MonsterDARKFish100000290000001600
Earthbound Immortal Cusillu (anime)地縛神 CusilluEffect MonsterDARKBeast100000280000002400
Earthbound Immortal Uru (anime)地縛神 UruEffect MonsterDARKInsect100000300000003000
Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca (anime)地縛神 Wiraqocha RascaEffect MonsterDARKWinged Beast100000000100000001
Flower Cardian Lightshower (anime)花札衛-雨四光-Synchro MonsterDARKWarrior80000300000003000
Number 44: Sky Pegasus (anime)No.44 白天馬スカイ・ペガサスXyz MonsterLIGHTBeast40000180000001600
Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician (anime)EM五虹の魔術師Pendulum MonsterLIGHTSpellcaster10000010000000100
Reflector BitリフレクタービットEffect MonsterLIGHTMachine10000000000000000
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Chariot Pile (anime)チャリオット・パイルTrap Card
Crush Card Virus (later DM anime)死のデッキ破壊ウイルスTrap Card
Light Barrier (anime)光の結界Spell Card
Red Screen (anime)スクリーン・オブ・レッドTrap Card

All Manga "Negates itself" cards

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