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Nature Crooz (ネイチャークルーズ Neichā Kurūzu) is a roller coaster attraction from the Heartland Theme Park, owned by Captain Corn. There, people dressed like fruits and vegetables conduce the people to their corn wagons, and then they start rolling inside a cave.

Captain Corn uses this attraction to hunt "Numbers". He identify Numbers Holders with a special camera, and when they visit his attraction, he splits the holder's wagon from the others, causing it to take a different route that leads to Captain Corn. He then Duels the Numbers Holders and defeats them to obtain their "Numbers". As a last resort, if Captain Corn thinks he can't win the Duel, he has access to a lever which changes the track of the attraction's rails, leading the wagons to an abyss; by that way, he can threat his opponent so that he loses on purpose, otherwise the other customers would fall in the abyss.


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