Naoki Shima (しま なお, Shima Naoki) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is Yusaku's classmate.



He loves Dueling, but he’s not too confident about his skills and has never Dueled in LINK VRAINS. He is also a fan of Playmaker. He's enthusiastic, passionate, and tries to be friendly with Yusaku. During his observations, Yusaku pointed out that Naoki cannot stand being alone.


Naoki noticed Yusaku asleep after class had already ended and introduced himself, noting that Yusaku has no friends. He was upset that Yusaku didn't remember him, as they had been classmates for over a month. Naoki tried to befriend Yusaku and showed off his new Duel Disk, only for Yusaku to criticize Naoki's lack of Dueling talent, but also pointed out that Naoki had good intentions. Naoki got upset at Yusaku's remarks and stormed off, telling him to Duel by himself. Later he went to watch Duels at LINK VRAINS and was scared when the Knights of Hanoi attacked, and was surprised when "Playmaker" appeared.[1] He then watch the Duel between Playmaker and the Knights of Hanoi with Shoichi Kusanagi and was happy that Playmaker won.[2] Sometime later at class, he asked Yusaku if he has seen Playmaker in action before much in which he told no and he was later surprised to see a Knight appearing in Link VRAINS promoting Yusaku to skip class.[3]

Naoki later caught up to Yusaku and assumed he wanted to join the Duel Club. He was then scolded by the club president Hosoda for making so much noise after Yusaku joined another member Sato showed his Duel Disk in which Yusaku pretended to be interested after Aoi remarked he knows everything. Yusaku then told that Naoki was the one who bragged about it earlier which promote him to tell about how Akira Zaizen had given them all the new Duel Disks, and Aoi shot him a stern glare and after Aoi saw Yusaku's Deck and was about to hand it to him, but Naoki then snatch the deck from her and laughed how lame it is. Hosoda then scolded him for insulting his Deck and he grimily handed it to Yusaku. The next day at class, he was annoyed that Yusaku was absent and then turned his notepad on and watch the Duel between Blue Angel and Playmaker. He got excited for the Duel and a teacher then told him to be quiet and he apologize to her.[4] When he saw Blue Angel summon "Dark Angel", Naoki got scared and screamed, causing the teacher to scold him and as the lesson was going on.[5]


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