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Name unknown
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English name
  • Name unknown (manga)
Japanese translated
  • Mysterious assassin
Other names

Snipes Crosshair

  • Male




Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 28: "Arena #1"

Video game debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters

Appears in
Game Boy Advance
unknown, Name

The unnamed assassin, referred to as name unknown in the English manga, mysterious assassin in the Japanese manga and known as Snipes Crosshair in the English Dungeon Dice Monsters video games was an unnamed character in the manga.

In the anime, he was replaced by a woman named Blue.[1]

He, along Johnny Gayle and Bob McGuire were hired by KaibaCorp to play a shootout game with Yugi Mutou.

He may be an homage to Golgo 13.


The man formerly worked as an assassin. None of his targets were still alive, when he was hired by KaibaCorp.[2]


The assassin in the Stardust Shootout.

He was hired for the Death-T theme park at Kaiba Land, which was created to kill Yugi Mutou. The assassin was put on a team with Johnny Gayle and Bob McGuire to face Yugi and his friends in the first stage of Death-T. Each of them were promised a bounty of ¥10,000 for each opposing player they killed. The assassin planned to kill all three, so he could claim the three bounties for himself.[2]

Kaiba rigged the game so that the three men on his team have real lasers that cause fatal electric shocks when fired, while Yugi and his friends were given toy guns.[2]

Gayle moved out first, saying that they should leave it to him, as he was an expert in guerrilla warfare. Jonouchi took out Gayle by kicking him in the face, after running along the tops of the walls. Seeing this, the assassin and McGuire started shooting at Jonouchi.[3]

Once Honda realized his team's guns didn't work, he called his team back for a time out. Honda returned by himself, dropping his gun and offering to surrender. However the assassin laughed that was no use, with the bounty for killing Honda in mind. Johji, who was hiding on Honda's back, tossed him Anzu's operational gun, which Honda used to take out the assassin and McGuire.[3]

Since Honda had previously set the laser to a non-lethal voltage, the assassin and McGuire were not killed.[3]


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