Must pay Life Points to attack

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This is a listing of cards that require players to pay Life Points to attack.

All TCG/OCG "Must pay Life Points to attack" cards

  Japanese name Rank Level Attribute Type Card type ATK DEF
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon ブルーアイズ・トゥーン・ドラゴン 8 LIGHT Dragon Effect Monster 3,000 2,500
Dark Elf ダーク・エルフ 4 DARK Spellcaster Effect Monster 2,000 800
Machina Force マシンナーズ・フォース 10 EARTH Machine Effect Monster 4,600 4,100
Manga Ryu-Ran トゥーン・ドラゴン・エッガー 7 FIRE Dragon Effect Monster 2,200 2,600
Toll 通行税 Spell Card Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Toon Mermaid トゥーン・マーメイド 4 WATER Aqua Effect Monster 1,400 1,500
Toon Summoned Skull トゥーン・デーモン 6 DARK Fiend Effect Monster 2,500 1,200

All Anime/Manga "Must pay Life Points to attack" cards

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