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  • Male
Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! episode 22: "Face Off, Part 1"

Appears in
English voice
  • Fred Tatasciore

The Mugger is a minor character appearing in the second series anime.

Anime Biography

English Dub

During Téa Gardner's flashback of how Yami Yugi rescued her, Téa was trying to earn money so she could study dance in New York. A mugger left her a note, but made it look like it came from Yugi Muto, telling her of a space in the old warehouse on Spring Street that she could use for a dance studio. But when she got there, he cornered her, and told her to hand over her money. As he was about to beat her up, Yugi came in and attacked him, but he threw Yugi against some equipment, knocking him unconscious. Téa responded by biting the mugger's arm, and he threw her against the wall in retaliation, knocking her unconscious.

Yami took over Yugi's body at that moment and challenged the mugger to a game where they each draw a single card and the weakest card loses. He told him that if he lost, he'd decide his fate. The mugger thought Yami was crazy, but accepted the challenge anyway after Yami asked if he was afraid. The mugger drew "Curse of Dragon" (2000) but Yami drew "Dark Magician" (2500). Not caring about the outcome, the mugger attempted to beat Yami up, but before he could lay a hand on the Pharaoh, his soul was banished to the Shadow Realm with a Mind Crush.

Yugi vs Mugger

Yugi beats the Mugger by drawing "Dark Magician".

When Téa regained consciousness, Yami told her she wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. When the flashback ends, Téa asks Yugi what it was he did to the mugger. Yugi responded "I don't know. When I came to, that mugger was already on the ground." A split-second image of the mugger's Mind Crush is shown at the Season 1 intro, along with several other images.

Original Anime

Mugger jap and eng

The original Japanese version (left) and the English version with the video camera edited out (right).

In the original Japanese anime, the mugger is actually a pervert with a video camera (possibly the gym teacher). Instead of Yugi sending a note about a dance studio, it was someone who took a picture of Téa working at Burger World and told her to come to the gym equipment room unless she wanted the photo sent to the school (as it is against the rules for students to work at Domino High School without a special condition). She arrives, expecting to find Joey and Yugi (the only two people from school who know her secret), but instead finds the mugger attempting to videotape her in her school uniform. He tells her to do what he says if she doesn't want her secret job to be exposed to the school. When Yami Yugi inflicts the Mind Crush, the mugger stays in a state of unconsciousness.

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