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Mrs. Fudo
Mrs. Fudo
English name
  • Mrs. Fudo
  • Female
Previous occupation


Previous organization
Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 57: "Destiny's Will, Part 2" (photograph)

Appears in
Fudo, Mrs.

Mrs. Fudo was Yusei Fudo's mother and the wife of Mr. Fudo.

Like her husband, she was a lead developer working within R.R.D., who was also killed within the Zero Reverse disastrous accident.

When her husband wanted to cancel the Ener-D research because of many important reasons, it not only ended up being completely rejected by its sponsor, but also caused him to be replaced by his assistant, Roman Goodwin. Soon after Roman was in control, they were killed by the Zero Reverse accident (In the English version, they had disappeared when the Ener-D began to malfunction).

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