Mr. Huffington, known in Japan as Kumazo Maeda (前田熊蔵, Maeda Kumazō) is Chumley Huffington's father and a former famous Duelist. In the Japanese version, Mr. Huffington owns a sake company and has drinking problems, while in the English version, he owns a hot sauce company.



While stubborn and strict, Mr. Huffington loves his son and allows him to stay at school even though he won the Duel, because Jaden and Syrus were great friends for him.


In the English dub, his voice may be a tribute/parody of John Wayne.


Mr. Huffington visits Duel Academy to have his son pulled from his studies, as he believes Chumley was wasting his time at the school and would be better off at home working for him. However, Jaden managed to convince Mr. Huffington and Chancellor Sheppard to allow Chumley to fight for his right to stay. After a short but passionate Duel with Chumley, which results in his victory, Mr. Huffington realizes that his son has made friends at Duel Academy and allows him to stay.


Mr. Huffington uses a "Dizzy Deck" which was called a Drunken Deck in the original version. According to Lyman Banner, he is well-known for the special technique he uses with the Spell Cards "Flipping the Table" and "Hot Sauce Bottle".



Opponent(s) Episodes(s) Outcome
Chumley Huffington 9 Win

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