"Moth" (モス Mosu) is a series of Insect-Type EARTH monsters. Each is an evolution of "Petit Moth" that is Summoned by waiting a number of turns that "Petit Moth" is equipped with "Cocoon of Evolution".

The "Moths" were used in the anime and manga by Weevil Underwood.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses, the moths can also be Summoned by evolving "Kattapillar", "Acid Crawler", "Needle Worm" and "Larvae Moth" with "Cocoon of Evolution". Two additional stages are also added; "Larva of Moth" and "Pupa of Moth".

Strategy's and Tips

Building a good "Moth" Deck can be challenging, but if you can make it work, it's rewarding. The problem is that it takes time to reach the deck's true goal of summoning either the Great Moth or the Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. Use cards that stall for time such as: Swords of Revealing Light, Wall of Revealing Light, and using cards like DNA Surgery and Insect Barrier to help create a wall in which you can hide behind to help bolster a defense. You should also include at least 1 Parasite Paracide and possibly a Jade Insect Whistle and a Drill Bug as well to gain a small Burn effect and also turn all of your opponents monsters into insect monsters and combo it with Insect Barrier in case DNA Surgery gets destroyed. Don't include Pyro Clock of Destiny, because it doesn't work with the Great Moth cards.

Your best bet is to include other high power Insect Monsters such as Millennium Scorpion and Doom Dozer to create a distraction for your opponent and to chip away at their monsters and Life Points for your high level Moth Monsters to come in an finish up the game. They are also good in case things backfire and you need a back-up plan

It is wise to include Spirit Barrier and Astral Barrier in almost any deck, but especially in a Moth deck as when they are on the field together, it will create an almost impervious wall. It makes your opponent unable to destroy your monsters since as long as you have at least 1 monster under your control, Spirit Barrier prevents any damage to your Life Points through battle and Astral Barrier will make all attacks to you direct attacks, making all battle and battle damage null and void, allowing your Moth monsters to be safe while they evolve.

Be sure to include 1 or 2 copies of Gaia Power as all Moth monsters and most Insect Monsters are all EARTH types and will get a benefit form the Field Spell.

With a Field Spell in the deck, you could also include a copy of Field Barrier to protect you Field Spell and add in a copy of Earthbound Immortal Uru to add another huge ATK power Insect as a back up plan.

Take advantage of the fact that you have an Earthbound Immortal in your deck and add some support cards such as Earthbound Linewalker, Earthbound Revival, Earthbound Wave, Earthbound Whirlwind, Offering to the Immortals, Revival of the Immortals, and Roar of the Earthbound.

Battle position plays a huge role in this deck, so a simple card such as Earthquake or Zero Gravity would help to automatically switch your moth monsters to Defense Position on the same turn you summon them. Just be careful that your other monsters are still going to survive a switch.

Cards that support Normal Monsters can be a big help such as Birthright and Symbol of Heritage which will allow you to revive any moth that is destroyed and start the evolution process again. Also, Pot of Avarice is a staple as it will not only let you draw 2 more cards, it will also let you add any, if there are, Moth cards from your Graveyard that have been destroyed back into your Deck.

Some support cards for the Spider Archetype can be very helpful in this deck, such as Lair Wire.

Combining a Moth deck with Plant cards is a great idea as you can use some of the great support cards for plant monsters such as Wall of Thorns to not only protect your Moth monsters, but also destroy your opponents monsters as well. Prickle Fairy is a staple or at least a 1 per deck cards because it prevents your opponent from attacking any of your insect monsters. Patrician of Darkness and Dreamsprite are very good as they can redirect your opponents battle attacks to some of your more powerful Insect monsters

Cards that Special Summon and Double Summon are a good idea since you can start the process even faster. Moth monsters need a turn usually to prep for evolution. Double Summon is a staple as it can allow you an extra normal summon for one turn.

Equip Cards such as Mist Body and Raregold Armor can be used to prevent battle destruction if worse comes to worse and can also help you redirect attacks from your Moth cards.

Recommended Cards

Summoning and weakness

Only 1 "Moth" monster can be Normal Summoned, "Petit Moth". The other "Moth" monsters can only be Special Summoned by Tributing "Petit Moth" some turns after "Petit Moth" has been equipped with "Cocoon of Evolution".

This is a difficult process, as the opponent is given plenty of time to destroy "Petit Moth", before a strong evolution can be Summoned and protecting it is considered difficult and wasteful of cards. It is also difficult to get "Petit Moth" into face-up Defense Position before equipping it with "Cocoon of Evolution", while playing it in Attack Position will result in it having 0 ATK.

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