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Monster World in the anime

Monster World is a tabletop RPG (Role Playing Game), similar to Dungeons and Dragons, from the manga, which also appears in the first series anime.


  • The board is Bakura's custom 10x20 setup, including a town, forest, and castle areas.
  • The Dark Master plays the monsters and the "boss" of the adventure. The adventurers try to defeat the Dark Master.
  • Bakura used his computer to enter the character data.
  • In areas where monsters appear, Bakura rolls two ten-sided dice, to get a number from 0 to 99. If the number is less than the probability of a monster appearing, a monster will appear. The monsters are stronger the lower the number rolled.
  • If a player rolled a 99 (critical fumble), or Bakura rolled a 00 for Zorc (supercritical hit), the player would be trapped inside their character's miniature.


  • Human (average wisdom, strength, and speed)
  • Elf (high wisdom and charisma; make good magicians; low strength)
  • Half-elf (a human-elf crossbreed)
  • Hobbit (small but very fast, and well-muscled for their size; make good thieves)
  • Pixie-fairy (high wisdom; able to fly; one of the "magical races")
  • Dwarf (low wisdom, but high strength and constitution)
  • Birdtail (a race of bird people; able to fly; high charisma)


  • Warrior
  • Beast Tamer
  • Magician
  • Bard
  • Priest
  • Enchanter
  • Martial Artist
  • Diabolist
  • Magic Gunman
  • Illusionist
  • Merchant
  • Thief
  • White Wizard
  • Dark Master

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