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Monster Zone

Japanese (kanji and furigana)

モンスターゾーン (formerly モンスターカードゾーン)


Monsutāzōn (formerly Monsutākādozōn)

Japanese translated

Monster Zone (formerly Monster Card Zone)


Monster Zone (formerly Monster Card Zone)

Monster Zones (モンスターゾーン Monsutāzōn), formerly Monster Card Zones (モンスターカードゾーン Monsutākādozōn), are the 5 upper-middle blur brown boxes as depicted in this picture. You can only have in play, at any one time, 5 Monster Cards and/or Monster Tokens. If all 5 Monster Zones are occupied, then you cannot Summon another monster, unless you Tribute one or more of them first or use them for a Fusion/Ritual/Synchro/Xyz Summon.

Some cards, such as "Ojama King", "Ojama Knight", and "Ground Collapse" affect the number of Monster Zones that are usable.



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