Monopoly: Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition is a a variant of the game, Monopoly, themed to fit the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Separate American and European versions of the game have been released.


Gameplay remains the same as the classic game, while elements are renamed to suit the Yu-Gi-Oh! theme.

  • DP is used as the currency.
  • Millennium Items are used as tokens.
  • "Chance" and "Community Chest" cards are called "It's Time to Duel" and "It's Your Move" cards.
  • "Houses" and "hotels" are called "Game Shops" and "Duel Arenas".
  • Cards and monsters are used as the property spaces.
  • The Egyptian Gods are used as the railroad spaces.


Free Parking Vorse Raider
220 DP
It's Time to Duel XYZ-Dragon Cannon
220 DP
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
240 DP
The Winged Dragon of Ra
200 DP
Magician of Black Chaos
260 DP
Dark Magician Girl
260 DP
Battle City Tournament
150 DP
Dark Magician
280 DP
Go To Jail
Thousand-Eyes Restrict
200 DP
Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition
300 DP
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
180 DP
300 DP
It's Your Move It's Your Move
Toon Summoned Skull
180 DP
320 DP
Obelisk the Tormentor
200 DP
Holactie the Creator of Light
200 DP
B. Skull Dragon
160 DP
It's Time to Duel
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
140 DP
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
350 DP
Duelist Kingdom Tournament
150 DP
Marik Ishtar
Pay 100 DP
Summoned Skull
140 DP
Exodia the Forbidden One
400 DP
Jail Gaia the Fierce Knight
120 DP
Celtic Guardian
100 DP
It's Time to Duel Mystical Elf
100 DP
Slifer the Sky Dragon
200 DP
Maximillion Pegasus
Pay 200 DP
Time Wizard
60 DP
It's Your Move Kuriboh
60 DP

Regional differences

  • The American version has all seven Millennium Items. The European version lacks the Millennium Puzzle.
  • The Millennium Items are colored gold in the European version and gray in the American.
  • The Millennium Eye is attached to a flat stand in the European version to stop it rolling. In the American version, the bottom of the eye is flat.
  • The American board has two outlines to indicate where "It's Time to Duel" and "It's Your Move" cards are placed.
  • The Game Shop and Duel Arena pieces in the European version resemble the houses and hotels from the classic game. The American version has remodeled them to resemble Kame Game and Duel Arenas, from the anime.
  • The "Duelist Kingdom Tournament" space is called "Duelist Kingdom" in the European version and "Duelist Kingdom Tournament" in the American.
  • The "B. Skull Dragon" space is called "Black Skull Dragon" in the European version and "B. Skull Dragon" in the American.

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