Mokuba Kaiba is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Currently he only appears in-game during special campaigns, and cannot be unlocked as a playable character.



Level 10


Level 20


Level 30

Poison Hamburger Deck

Level 40

My Very Own Dragon Deck


  • Prior to a patch (22nd of June, 2017) Mokuba had multiple audio glitches relating to his attacking dialogue. "Luster Dragon", "Luster Dragon 2", and "Alexandrite Dragon" played the audio of "Luster Dragon 2", "Luster Dragon" and "Shinato, King of a Higher Plane".
    • Dialogue for "Shinato" is an oddity considering that, in the first Mokuba event when this glitch existed, Mokuba did not have "Shinato" in any of his Decklists.

Card Specific Dialogue


  • When summoning Luster Dragon, he'll say "This monster has more than a few Attack points! Luster Dragon!"
    • When attacking with Luster Dragon he'll say "Go, Luster Dragon! Breath of Fire!"
  • When summoning Luster Dragon #2, he'll say "This card will make you feel lackluster! Luster Dragon #2!"
    • When attacking with Luster Dragon #2, he'll say "Luster Dragon #2! Emerald Flame attack!"
  • When summoning Alexandrite Dragon he'll say "I bet you've never seen this dragon before! Go, Alexandrite Dragon!"
    • When attacking with Alexandrite Dragon he'll say "Alexandrite Dragon! Swoop and attack!"
  • When summoning Hungry Burger, a cut-in frame of Mokuba will briefly appear, and he'll say "Here's a monster you can snack on! Or better yet, snack on YOU!"
    • When attacking with Hungry Burger, he'll say "Isn't it weird when food eats YOU instead of the other way around? Hungry Burger, attack!"
  • When summoning Lord of D., he'll say "Seto always uses this card to support his dragons!"
  • When summoning Kaibaman, he'll say "Here comes the coolest superhero of all time! Kaibaman!"
  • When summoning a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, a cut-in frame of Mokuba will briefly appear, and he'll say "Not everyone can use my big bro's best card! Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" If that player hasn't already Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" during that Duel, a cutscene of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" being Summoned will play afterwards.
    • When attacking with a Blue-Eyes he'll say "Go, Blue-Eyes! White Lightning!"
  • When attacking with Mystical Elf he'll say "My Mystical Elf attacks!"


  • When using Gift of The Mystical Elf he'll say "I activate my Trap card! Gift of the Mystical Elf!'
  • When using Hamburger Recipe he'll say "It's never too early to serve you your lunch! I activate the ritual spell Hamburger Recipe!"
  • When using Negate Attack, he'll say "My big bro taught me this trick! The Trap card, Negate Attack!"


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