Mokuba debut

Mokuba and his followers.

Mokuba's gang are a group of children, led by Mokuba Kaiba, who appear once in the manga.


Mokuba got Old Man Dentures to rig his Capsule Monster Chess coin machine.

Later, Mokuba brought his gang to Old Man Dentures store to meet Yugi Mutou, in order to get revenge for the first Penalty Game, Dark Yugi inflicted on Seto Kaiba. Mokuba asks if Yugi plays Capsule Monster Chess. Yugi claims not to be very good, but Mokuba accuses him of being modest and has his gang seize Yugi. His followers pull out weapons, including a knife, a stun gun and gun to force Yugi to cooperate.

They proceed to take Dentures coin machine. Dentures acts mad at first, but allows them to carry on after Mokuba drops a large amount of money in front of him.

The gang take Yugi and the dispenser to their hideout, where he must play Capsule Monster Chess against Mokuba. They start to tease Yugi and try to smash his Millennium Puzzle. However Dark Yugi takes control and orders them to stop.

Dark Yugi insists that they get on with the game of Capsule Monster Chess. The rigged dispenser gives Yugi mostly low Level monsters and Mokuba mostly high Level ones. To add danger to the game, Mokuba says that if he wins, he gets to cut off one of Yugi's fingers. Dark Yugi accepts and says that if Mokuba loses, he will have to play a Penalty Game.

Dark Yugi makes the game a Shadow Game. Throughout it, he sacrifices his monsters to draw Mokuba's into a diagonal line and uses his last monster "Torigun" to take Mokuba's remaining four all out at once.

For Mokuba's Penalty Game, he is made believe that he is trapped inside a giant Capsule Monster Chess capsule. Before the capsule has Mokuba fully engulfed, Mokuba warns Yugi that Death-T is coming.


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