The Metropolis.

The Metropolis is an Ancient Egyptian city governed by the Amenhotep dynasty in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories.


The metropolis was originally governed by the king and queen. However after Heishin unlocked a strange magic, he invaded the palace. Heishin demanded the Millennium Puzzle, but Simon Muran managed to talk the prince into shattering it and sealed himself and the prince within it.

Millennia later Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle and absorbed the remaining Millennium Items into cards. Using them the prince was able to return back in time to the Metropolis.

The Metropolis was completely taken over by Heishin and The Mages when the prince returned. The prince meets-up with his old friends and finds many of the locations destroyed.

After the prince battled and defeated the Mages and DarkNite, he became the king of the Metropolis and ruled the region fairly.


In the first part of the story the following locations are available in the Metropolis:

When the prince returns the Ancient Egypt after Heishin's takeover, the following locations are available:

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