The Memory Game is a minigame in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus that allows the player to have extra cards and DP each time the player defeats an NPC character.


  • All cards are laid out face-down. The player chooses any two.
  • If the two cards match, the game continues.
  • Effect Cards and DP Cards will activate by drawing only one of them so they will not count as a card drawn.
  • If the player manages to match up a pair of cards, they receive those cards as a reward.
  • If the player Duels the same opponent and wins again, the cards will still be in the same position as they were before, so they can continue where they left off.
  • As the player continues to rack up wins, a larger variety of Effect cards will slowly become available. Some sheets may also contain rare cards.

List of Special & Effect Cards

Image Name Description
DP Card Gain a small amount of DP.
One-Free-Miss Card If you miss once, you can try again.
Surrender Card Ends the game. However, all rewards and DP will still be received.
Spy-One-Card Card Allows you to view one card at random.
Shuffle Card Shuffle all down-facing cards.
Reset Card Changes the sheet and restarts the game. All earned reward cards and DP will be lost.
Spy-Three-Cards Card Allows you to view three cards at random.
Increase Traps Card One pair of Present Cards (2 cards total) will become traps.
Present Forfeiture Card Ends the game, and all earned reward cards and DP will be forfeited.
Present 2x Card All rewards and DP on this sheet are doubled.

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