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Megan Hollingshead


English name

Megan Hollingshead

Birth September 22, 1968
Gender Female

Voice actor

Megan Hollingshead was a voice actress for the English-language dub of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime before leaving 4Kids Entertainment in 2004.[citation needed]

She is also well-known for voice acting work on other 4Kids anime, including Pokémon and Sonic X up until her departure from the company. She has also voiced in various Viz Media and Bandai Entertainment anime, including Bleach and Eureka Seven. Some of her work is done under the pseudonym Karen Thompson.



Hollingshead's major role on the anime was portraying Mai Valentine from Episode 3 to Episode 144. This role was taken over by Bella Hudson following Hollingshead's departure from 4Kids.

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