A Match Loss is rarely given out. This penalty is given for an infraction that seriously impacts the game, but does not require the player to be removed from the tournament. Only a Head Judge may give out a Match Loss penalty, with the exception of a Match Loss tardiness penalty. If the Head Judge feels that applying the Match Loss penalty to the current round is not severe enough (player commits the infraction as he is about to lose a match, for example), he or she may apply the penalty for the upcoming round. If a player simultaneously commits two infractions, one of which merits a Match Loss and another which merits a Game Loss, the judge should give the Match Loss penalty first, followed by the Game Loss. A Match Loss is given if the judge believes the infraction was unintentional (See Unsporting Conduct for Exception)). A Match Loss should always be followed by a brief education of the player, explaining why the penalty was handed out and that a further infraction can lead to an upgrade. An upgrade to a Match Loss is a Disqualification.

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