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Manticore of Darkness

Last edited on January 31, 2014
by WinterNightmare
Manticore of Darkness
Flag of the United Kingdom
Manticore of Darkness
Flag of France
Manticore des Ténèbres
Flag of Germany
Manticore der Finsternis
Flag of Italy
Manticora dell'Oscurità
Flag of Portugal
Mantícora das Trevas
Flag of Spain
Mantícora de Oscuridad
Flag of Japan
 Japanese (Kana)
Flag of Japan
 Japanese (Base)
Flag of Japan
Ankoku no Mantikoa
Attribute FIRE
Types Beast-Warrior/Effect
Level 6
CG Star
CG Star
CG Star
CG Star
CG Star
CG Star
ATK/DEF 2300/1000
Card Number 77121851
Card effect types Trigger
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