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Makhad is a region of Vaxi Island situated on its western coast. It is the setting for the first mission, "War Campaign", and the fifteenth mission, "Betrayed", in Yugi's story in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom.


  • Makhad (size 2)

This is the main castle in Makhad. Its ruler, Governor Etos, is infamous for his cruelty and greed.

  • Jakhud (size 2)

This is a port city on the island of Vaxi. The main base of the resistance is located here.

  • Phedon (size 1)

This is a prosperous timber town. There are many here who support the resistance.

  • Ruthum (size 1)

This is a prosperous agricultural village. There are many here who support the resistance.

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