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"Majestic Star Dragon"

  • セイヴァー
  • Seivā (romanized)
  • Saver (translated)


  • Majestueux


  • Majestätisch


  • Maetoso


  • 세이비어
  • Seibieo (romanized)
  • Savior (translated)


  • Majestuoso


Anime appearances

"Majestic", known as "Saver" (セイヴァー Seivā) in Japan, is an archetype of upgraded Signer Dragons.

Each "Majestic" Synchro Monster is Synchro Summoned by using the Dragon, along with the "Majestic Dragon" Tuner monster and an additional non-Tuner monster.

The "Majestic" Synchro Monsters return to the Extra Deck during the End Phase and Special Summon the corresponding Dragon from the Graveyard. Their effects are similar to their Signer Dragon's counterpart, except they are more powerful; they can also negate the effect of an opponent's face-up monster and get an advantage from the negated card until the End Phase.

In the anime, before "Majestic Dragon" is drawn, the Dragon's Birthmarks of the five Signers form the complete Seal of the Crimson Dragon on the user's back. When Summoned in the anime, the user of the dragon will be carried in its body for as long as it remains on the field. These dragons have been shown to be extremely large in size, dwarfing their own Signer Dragons Counterparts. They appear to glow, and they attack by flying straight through their target. The Crimson Dragon has previously used "Majestic Star Dragon" to gain physical form, and when the same dragon was Summoned against Team Ragnarok, Halldor called it an "incarnation" of the Crimson Dragon.

Play style

Majestic Dragon Deck

Typical cards

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