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Main Phase 2



Japanese (romanized)

Meinfeizu 2


Main Phase 2

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Order of a turn.

After the Battle Phase, the Turn Player enters Main Phase 2 (メインフェイズ2 Meinfeizu Ni). In this Phase, any action that could normally be performed in Main Phase 1 can occur, as long as the requirements are met (i.e. no more than 1 Normal Summon or Set).

In Main Phase 2, the Turn Player may:

If a particular monster wasn't Summoned this turn, the Turn Player can flip it face-down using its effect (such as with "Guardian Sphinx" or "Swarm of Scarabs"), and then perform a manual Flip Summon on it, since the rules state that one manual Battle Position change may be performed per turn.

The only cards available to skip this phase are "Flashbang", "Terminal World" and "Cardcar D".

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