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Main Phase 2



Japanese (romanized)

Meinfeizu 2


Main Phase 2

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Order of a turn.

After the Battle Phase, the Turn Player enters Main Phase 2 (メインフェイズ2 Meinfeizu Ni). In this Phase, any action that could normally be performed in Main Phase 1 can occur, as long as the requirements are met (i.e. no more than 1 Normal Summon or Set).

In Main Phase 2, the Turn Player may:

If a particular monster wasn't Summoned this turn, the Turn Player can flip it face-down using its effect (such as with "Guardian Sphinx" or "Swarm of Scarabs"), and then perform a manual Flip Summon on it, since the rules state that one manual Battle Position change may be performed per turn.

Certain effects can only be activated during the Main Phase 2 to limit their functionality. Such cards include "Sweet Corn", "Emergency Assistance" and "Scrap Mind Reader". There are also 2 Xyz Monster cards that can be Summoned using Xyz Monsters as materials during Main Phase 2 only. These are "Stellarknight Constellar Diamond" and "Downerd Magician".

The only cards available to skip this phase are "Flashbang", "Terminal World" and "Cardcar D".

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