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Main Phase 1



Japanese (romanized)

Meinfeizu 1


Main Phase 1

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Order of a turn.

In Main Phase 1 (Japanese: メインフェイズ1 Meinfeizu Ichi), the turn player may:

If a particular monster wasn't Summoned this turn, the turn player can flip it face-down using its effect (such as with "Guardian Sphinx" or "Swarm of Scarabs"), and then perform a manual Flip Summon on it, since the rules state that only one manual Battle Position change may be performed per turn; Battle Position changes by effects do not count towards this.

After Main Phase 1 has ended, the turn player may choose to enter the Battle Phase. If he/she chooses not to, the player automatically proceeds to the End Phase (he/she may NOT enter Main Phase 2). If a player chooses to proceed from Main Phase 1 to the End Phase without having performed any of the above actions, they are said to be passing their turn.

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