A Magician (じゅつ Majutsushi or 魔術師マジシャン Majishan) or Magic User is a monster from any of the following Alignments:

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! Bandai's Official Card Game, these are used as Types instead of Alignments, and a fifth Magician, Dragon Magic, appears.

Some cards in the manga, such as "Dark Magic Curtain", can only be used with one particular type of Magician, while others such as "Magical Hats" can be used with any type.

In some video games and earlier chapters of the manga, the different types of Magicians have strengths and weaknesses depending on which type of Magician they are battling.

Name Strong against Weak against
Black White Illusion
White Demon Black
Demon Illusion White
Illusion Black Demon

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