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  • マドルチェ
  • Madoruche (romanized)


  • Maisdoux


  • Madolche


  • Madolce


  • 마돌체


  • Madolce


"Madolche" (マドルチェ Madoruche, pronounced as "mah-DOL-chay") is an archetype of EARTH-Attribute monsters.

The names of the "Madolche" are puns of French and Italian desserts and titles or animal sounds, depending on the monster's type. The Fairy-type monsters are the royalty, and thus have royalty-based puns (i.e. "Madolche Puddingcess" which is a pun of the dessert "Pudding" and the royal title of "Princess"). The Warrior and Spellcaster-type monsters make up the servants, and have puns that relate to their job (i.e. "Madolche Butrusk" is a combination of the job title, "Butler," and the snack, "Rusk"). The Beast-type monsters have puns reflecting the sound that they make in Japanese. For example, ("Madolche Croiwanssant" is a mixture of "Croissant" and "wan" (the Japanese equivalent of "woof")).

The name of the archetype, "Madolche," is itself a pun. It is a combination of the words "magic" ("mahou" in Japanese) and "dolce" (pronounced "dol-chay), the Italian word for "sweet". All Madolche monsters stand on various sweets in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle piece.

The following list displays each of the cards' names, and the puns that form them.

Royalty (Fairy) Title Dessert
Queen Madolche Tiaramisu Queen/Tiara Tiramisu
Madolche Puddingcess Princess Pudding
Servant (Warrior/Spellcaster) Job Dessert
Madolche Chouxvalier Chevalier Choux à la Crème/Choux pastry
Madolche Messengelato Messenger Gelato
Madolche Butrusk Butler Rusk
Madolche Majoleine Majo (Japanese for Witch) Madeleine
Madolche Marmamaid Maid Marmalade
Pet (Beast) Animal sound Dessert
Madolche Croiwanssant "Wan" (Japanese equivalent of "Woof") Croissant
Madolche Mew-feuille "Mew" Mille-feuille
Madolche Mehple "Meh" (Japanese equivalent of "Bah") Maple syrup
Architecture (Field Spell Card) Building Dessert
Madolche Chateau Château Gâteau/Château

Playing Style

The Madolche focus on recycling their cards for repeated use, with all of the Madolche monsters being sent either back to the deck or to the hand after being destroyed by an opponent. Several of those monsters have effects that send Madolche-specific Spell and Trap cards from the Graveyard back to the deck, or from the deck to your hand. This makes the Madolche very difficult to Deck Out, a strategy almost entirely opposite to many other contemporary archetypes.

While the deck does not do any deck thinning on its own, it does however feature a wide variety of searchers, making the deck highly stable. Madolche Butrusk is capable of scanning the deck for a field spell, which is mostly exclusively used for Madolche Chateau. Madolche Messengelato can search for any Madolche spell or trap card, allowing easy access to many support cards. Madolche Majoleine and Madolche Ticket are easily capable of searching for other monsters from the deck, and Madolche Marmamaid can recycle spells and traps, which are likely the only cards that will stay in the graveyard.

This also gives the Madolche a unique ability to deplete your opponent's resources; the archetype is largely unaffected by widespread destruction cards like Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute, and in fact benefit from their opponents' use of it, able to quickly swarm back to the field while their opponent has no monsters with help from cards like Madolche Ticket and Ultimate Offering.

The ultimate goal of most Madolche decks is to swarm the field with low-level monsters and power them up quickly through use of Madolche Chateau and Madolche Manner. The main powerhouse cards used are Madolche Puddingcess and Queen Madolche Tiaramisu; they have relatively high ATK (so long as Puddingcess' effect requirement of the Graveyard being empty is met) and powerful effects to deplete your opponents' field presence, clearing the way for the weaker monsters to attack directly.

Because of their ability to swarm the field, they can also quickly and easily Xyz Summon Rank 4 or 3 monsters, and especially EARTH Attribute support such as Giant God of the Silvery Mountain or Fairy King Alverd. Genex Ally Birdman makes ideal support for performing a Synchro Summon, bouncing a Madolche back to your hand so you can use their effect again to summon itself. Genex Ally Triforce is ideal for this, since Level 4 monsters are common in this archetype, and using an EARTH Attribute activates Triforce's effect to keep an opponent's Spell and Trap cards from activating during battle. But be careful with these styles of summon, since they place Madolche in the Graveyard unavoidably.

The Madolche also wields a very powerful OTK combo much alike the Gadget, with Ultimate Offering and a single copy of Madolche Majoleine in the hand (suppose your opponent controls 2 cards - which is the ideal case):

  • Activate Ultimate Offering and use it to continuously Normal Summon Majoleine, use its effect to add another copy to the hand, then finish with Butrusk to add Madolche Chateau.
  • Activate Chateau, then Xyz Summon Tiaramisu and another rank 4 Xyz Monster which can detach freely (recommended Lavalval Chain or Fairy King Alverd). Detach Majoleine from it for the Graveyard presence, then detach another Majoleine from Tiaramisu to target both Majoleines, return them to the hand (with Chateau's effect) and bounce 2 opponent's cards back to the Deck.
  • Use Offering to summon 2 Majoleine back to the field, adding Croiwanssant and Mew-feuille (or Messengelato) to the hand.
  • Use Offering to summon Croiwanssant, use its effect bounce back a Majoleine to hand to make it level 4. Then summon that Majoleine again to get Messengelato (or Mew-feuille, the order is up to you).
  • Xyz Summon Number 16: Shock Master using 2 Majoleines and level 4 Croiwanssant.
  • Use Offering to summon Mew-feuille, use it to Special Summon Messengelato to fetch Madolche Ticket.
  • From this point, you can either activate Shock Master's effect declaring "monster" to prevent things like Gorz and Tragoedia, or "trap" to prevent those nasty ones, then attack for game. Or you can just leave it until Main Phase 2 if something happened. With both Chateau and Ticket backing you up, along with Tiaramisu and some Madolche, declaring "spell" would lock the opponent down badly for the upcoming turns.

Total damage: 2700 + at least 1800 + 2300 + 1000 + 2100 = at least 9900 battle damage, with the cost of 4000 Life Points (8 Normal Summons with Offering in addition)


The biggest weakness to the archetype is their reliance on access to the Graveyard; card effects that banish or simply remove that access, like Necrovalley or Macro Cosmos, are a big problem, and there are few cards that help return banished cards back to the deck or hand, where the Madolche can use them. They also rely heavily on Spell and Trap support, so if their resources are limited - such as through the use of the common Great Shogun Shien or Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En - they won't be able to reach their full strength and will have a hard time finding victory.

Note that despite having "Necrovalley" active on the field, the "Madolche" monsters can still use their own effects when they're sent to the Graveyard.

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