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English Lycanthrope
French (Français) Lycanthrope
German (Deutsch) Lykanthrop
Italian (Italiano) Licantropo
Portuguese (Português) Licantropo
Spanish (Español) Licántropo
Japanese (日本語) ライカン・スロープ
Japanese (rōmaji) (日本語) Raikan Surōpu
Japanese (translated) (日本語) Lycan Thrope
Types Beast-Warrior/Ritual/Effect
Level 6 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK/DEF 2400/1800
Card Number 84385264
Ritual Spell Card required "Synthesis Spell"
Card effect types Summon, Trigger
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TCG/OCG statuses
OCGUnlimitedTCG AdvancedUnlimitedTCG TraditionalUnlimited
Video game statuses
Facts about LycanthropeRDF feed
ATK2,400 +
ATK string2400
ActionsNo Entry +
Anti-supportNo Entry +
Arabic nameالمذؤوب +
Archetype supportNo Entry +
ArchseriesNo Entry +
Archseries relatedNo Entry +
AttackNo Entry +
AttributeEARTH +
Attribute TextEarth +
Card ImageLycanthrope-STON-EN-C-1E +
Card Image TextLycanthrope-STON-EN-C-1E.jpg +
Card Number84385264 +
Card categoryMonster Card +
Card category TextMonster Card +
Card typeRitual Monster +
Card type TextRitual Monster +
Class 1Official +
Class 2Anime +
Class 4VG +
CountersNo Entry +
Croatian nameLikantrop +
DEF1,800 +
DEF string1800
Effect typeSummoning condition + and Trigger Effect +
Effect type TextSummoning condition +
Effect typesSummon, Trigger
English database ID6,991 +
English nameLycanthrope +
English name (linked)Lycanthrope +
French database ID6,991 +
French nameLycanthrope +
Fusion Material forNo Entry +
GX04 StatusUnlimited +
German database ID6,991 +
German nameLykanthrop +
Greek nameΛυκάνθρωπος +
Italian database ID6,991 +
Italian nameLicantropo +
Japanese database ID6,991 +
Japanese kana nameライカン・スロープ +
Japanese nameライカン・スロープ +
Level6 +
Life PointsDamages your opponent +
LoreThis card can only be Ritual Summoned This card can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card, "Synthesis Spell". When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, inflict 200 damage to your opponent for each Normal Monster in your Graveyard. Normal Monster in your Graveyard.
MediumGX04 +, YGO +, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX +, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's +, TCG + and OCG +
MiscNo Entry +
MonsterSpellTrapNo Entry +
Monster typeNo Entry +
OCG StatusUnlimited +
Page nameLycanthrope +
Page typeCard page +
Phonetic nameRaikan Surōpu +
Portuguese loreEsta carta só pode ser "Invocada Ritualmente" com a carta magica de ritual "Synthesis Spell". Quando esta carta inflige dano de batalha ao oponente, inflija 200 pontos de vida de dano para o oponente por cada carta de monstro normal em seu Cemiterio.
Portuguese nameLicantropo +
RFPNo Entry +
Romaji nameRaikan Surōpu +
Ruby Japanese nameライカン・スロープ
Spanish database ID6,991 +
Spanish loreEsta carta sólo puede ser [[Ritual Summon|Esta carta sólo puede ser Invocada por Ritual usando la Carta Mágica de Ritual "Conjuro de Síntesis". Cuando esta carta inflige daño de batalla a tu adversario, inflige 200 de daño a tu adversario por cada Monstruo Normal en tu Cementerio.o Normal]] en tu Cementerio.
Spanish nameLicántropo +
StatsNo Entry +
SummoningCan be Special Summoned +
SupportNormal Monster +
Synchro Material forNo Entry +
TCG Advanced Format StatusUnlimited +
TCG Traditional Format StatusUnlimited +
Translated nameLycan Thrope +
TypeBeast-Warrior +
Type3Effect +
Type TextBeast-Warrior +
TypesBeast-Warrior +, Ritual + and Effect +
YGOO StatusUnlimited +
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode appearances014 +
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode appearances (linked)014 +
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode appearances142 + and 157 +
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode appearances (linked)142 + and 157 +

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