Luna plays an Ancient Fairy Deck, consisting of folkloric creatures and enchantments, mostly in the form of Fairy, Plant and Beast-Type monsters. Several of them are based on the spirits that Luna befriended in the Duel Monsters Spirit World, notably her Spirit Partner; "Kuribon", "Regulus", and her Signer Dragon; "Ancient Fairy Dragon". She carries many support cards that protects them from harm, including the field spell, Ancient Forest, which prevents any monster from switching to Defense Position and destroys them after they attack. Although Luna rarely Dueled in the anime, she is available to Duel in every Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's game to date.



Video games

Stardust Accelerator

Reverse of Arcadia

Over the Nexus

Tag Force 4

Tag Force 5

Tag Force 6

Decade Duels


Duel Transer

Forest of Spirits (Level 11)
Stand of the Spirits (Level 15)
War of Spirits (Level 23)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Online


Wheelie Breakers

Duel Terminals



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