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Lulu's bracelet

Lulu bracelet

English name

Lulu's bracelet


 Lulu Obsidian

Lulu's bracelet is one of the Four Dimension Bracelets item owned by Lulu Obsidian and formerly owned by Ray Akaba. The bracelet represents Xyz Summoning in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.



The bracelet at a different angle

It is a thin, single banded bracelet with a wing-shaped design framing a yellow, diamond-shaped jewel.

The metallic wing pieces paralleling each other are reminiscent of the creation of the overlay network in an Xyz Summon. The design might also be inspired by "the traditional themes of natural beauty in Japanese aesthetics" (花鳥風月), representing "鳥" (bird) for Lulu and her Winged Beast deck - Lyrical Luscinia. Also, Lulu wears bird-representative feather accessories for earrings and hair clips.




Lulu's bracelet original form.

The bracelet was originally a card created by Leo Akaba using natural energy from birds. It was used with the other three cards to confront Zarc, however, Ray took them from her father in order to oppose Zarc herself. During the Duel, the card took its shape as the bracelet and appeared on Ray's right arm. Along with the others, the bracelet helped her stop Supreme King Dragon Zarc, and split him, along with herself and the Original Dimension. Later, Lulu gained ownership of the bracelet.[1]

Lulu wore this bracelet when observing Dennis' magic show in Heartland, who identified her precisely because of it and lead to her capture by Yuri.[2]


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