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This is a list of cards for Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories. The game features 800 cards, numbered from 001 to 800. In addition, the game features a card construction mechanic, allowing unique cards to be created by combining lower and upper card parts.

There are 140 each of the lower and upper parts, divided into two groups of 70. Cards can be created by combining a lower and upper card part from the same group, giving a total of 4900 possible cards per group, or 9800 possible cards in total.

#CardDeck CostAlignmentTypeLevelATKDEF
3-eyed VespiderBeast4
640Acid Crawler16Insect3
Amphibious BugrothAqua5
Ancient JarRock1
Ancient Tree of EnlightenmentPlant3
Anti Raigeki
Aqua Mage WizardWinged Beast3
Archfiend Marmot of NefariousnessBeast2
469Armed Ninja6Warrior1
Armored LizardReptile4
Arrowhead YargoSpellcaster4
Arrowtip SwordfishSea Serpent4
Astonish MinoSea Serpent4
4Baby DragonDragon3
Bald DeathbirdWarrior5
Baldorgon MasterSea Serpent4
Bamboo BulbSpellcaster5
Barrel DragonMachine7
489Barrel Lily17Plant3
14Battle SteerBeast-Warrior5
Battle WarriorWarrior3
590Beaked Snake17Water (Alignment)Reptile3
Bean Kids PetitrixWarrior3
Bear Trap
Beauty ValkyrieInsect5
Bek WybirdAqua4
Bell Bill OstrichThunder4
Belly Lip VernWinged Beast4
Bewitch SuccubusSpellcaster5
49Big Insect27Insect4
Bildranis BartaThunder4
Bio PlantFiend3
Black Illusion Ritual
311Black Pendant150
Blade RexInsect3
Bludmask BarbarianBeast5
Blue Cobra PythonFiend5
Blue Skin SaurusSpellcaster3
1Blue-Eyes White DragonDragon8
Brain Control
663Breath of Light50
Butcher DoreBeast4
Cardinal CrocodilePlant5
Castle of Dark IllusionsFiend4
Centipede MantisMachine3
Change of Heart
Cloudhead ArabianRock3
Cluckhead DinohoundMachine3
Cockroach KnightInsect3
Contract of Mask
Cornfield KoatorWinged Beast4
Corrupted Red UncleWarrior3
Cosmo Queen's Prayer
Crush Card Virus
Crystaleye LarvaeThunder3
Curse of Millennium Shield
Curse of Tri-Horned Dragon
Cuthead KnightDragon3
Cyber SoldierMachine5
Dagger MaidBeast-Warrior3
Dark Hole
Dark MagicianSpellcaster7
Dark SeawormInsect5
Dark-Eyes IllusionistSpellcaster2
Dedspawn DokronThunder5
Deep-sea DeathfishDinosaur5
Demonmask Hipoglif29Sea Serpent4
Diamond BearDinosaur3
Doll of DemiseFiend5
Dragon Capture Jar
Dragonhed DinosaurZombie3
Drill BugInsect2
Drillhorn SharkRock3
Droll BirdWinged Beast2
Drone EskarAqua3
Dunames Dark WitchFairy4
Evil Eye GigolsWarrior4
21Exodia the Forbidden OneSpellcaster3
Fairy's GiftSpellcaster4
Fanged TodonInsect3
6Feral ImpFiend4
Fire ReaperZombie2
Fireblade EifleetFish3
15Flame SwordsmanWarrior5
Fluff SnakebirdZombie3
Fox Mask Bird KingRock5
Frilled ZaardSea Serpent3
Froggie AlligatorReptile4
Froghead Big ToadWarrior3
Fungi of the MuskFiend1
Funnyface DarkbeastDragon3
Garnecia ElefantisBeast-Warrior7
Gate Guardian Ritual
Gate SwordWarrior6
Gatling TankRock5
Gazelle the King of Mythical BeastsBeast4
Gemini ElfSpellcaster4
Goddess Mandrake36ForestZombie318001200
Goddess with the Third EyeFairy4
Greenjest ClownFish5
Greenmask WaspieAqua3
Greenskul HerborusSea Serpent3
Grenaqua Lung FishSpellcaster5
Guardian of the LabyrinthWarrior4
Harpie LadyWinged Beast4
672Harpie's Feather Duster2
3Hitotsu-Me GiantBeast-Warrior4
Holy PlantInsect5
House of Adhesive Tape
Ice Armor ChariotWinged Beast4
Ice Queen MaidenWarrior4
Ice Sword AngelReptile3
Icicle GiraffeFish5
The Inexperienced Spy
Insect Armor with Laser Cannon
Invisible Wire
422Jinzo #79Machine2
Judgement FortressBeast-Warrior3
Kafbarhed LiquidWarrior4
Kaija LeviathanSea Serpent3
Kappus Nite DemonAqua4
King Dead RaceSpellcaster5
Labyrinth Blu DemonDinosaur3
Laughing RedflowerFiend3
20Left Arm of the Forbidden One55Black Magic (Alignment)Spellcaster1
18Left Leg of the Forbidden OneSpellcaster1
Legion the Fiend JesterSpellcaster4
Leohead RedpantelFairy5
Leopard GirlBeast-Warrior6
Light Law MediumFairy2
Locomohed DeathrailFairy4
Longcrest Pale HareFairy3
Mane RedbirdSpellcaster3
Mask Dom GreenfishPyro4
Mask of DarknessFiend2
Mask of Shine & DarkSpellcaster6
Masked ClownWarrior2
Mech MachineReptile4
Mech Mole ZombieZombie2
Mech RocketBeast-Warrior5
Meda BatFiend2
Melted Sea BatSea Serpent3
The Melting Red ShadowAqua2
Merknight GuardianFairy3
Mino WarriorPlant3
Minomushi WarriorRock4
Mirror SwordsmanBeast-Warrior4
Mono Eye AshuraAqua4
Monster EyeFiend1
Mos Armor PurplitchWarrior3
Mountain WarriorBeast-Warrior3
Muka MukaRock2
Multi-eye MermouseThunder5
Murdagon CoelaSea Serpent4
Mushroom EelWinged Beast4
Mutant CrabAqua4
Mutus ElectroAqua3
Mystery HandFiend2
2Mystical ElfSpellcaster4
319Mystical Moon150
Naga ViperReptile5
Nursepia Pink DemonSpellcaster5
Old Red CapeRock5
246One Who Hunts SoulsBeast-Warrior4
One-eyed InsectDinosaur3
Oro HydraFish3
Parasite KatapilSpellcaster5
Parrot BirdReptile5
Phantasma NightbirdDragon3
Phantom Blue LegBeast-Warrior3
Pirate BluesersSpellcaster3
Playful SeraphimAqua5
Puppet Red LegMachine4
695Puppet Ritual
Quickdraw RabbitAqua5
Red Bean VinePyro3
Red Boar DragonflyFiend5
Red Goat SwordbugRock4
Red Horn DemonkillDinosaur3
Red Spine HookwormBeast-Warrior4
Red-Eyes B. DragonDragon7
Redeye Salaman23PyroBeast519001500
Redhead TierjeansPlant5
Redwing WitchBeast-Warrior4
689Reverse Trap2
Revival of Sennen Genjin
Revived Serpent Night Dragon
19Right Arm of the Forbidden OneSpellcaster1
17Right Leg of the Forbidden OneSpellcaster1
Robohead PurplightWinged Beast5
Ruby Eyes BeastSpellcaster5
Samurai KaizerWarrior4
Screaming TendrilBeast4
Servant RockillerRock4
9Shadow SpecterZombie1
Shaker GreencapeWarrior3
Shaker RedcapePyro4
Shellhead TapewormThunder5
Shine Palace
Siberian CobalcatRock3
Skull ServantZombie1
Skullaboo IllusionsInsect4
Slave YellowtipPyro4
Sleeping LionBeast4
Sleeping SquirmThunder4
Slender GirlInsect4
Slug SnailSea Serpent3
Smiling Lion GirlBeast5
Souleater ParplusMachine5
Space MegatronMachine5
Spawn EntRock3
Spellbinding Circle
Spoithead SoftgillsWinged Beast5
Steel Fan FighterWarrior6
Stonehead CobaltrexReptile3
Stop Defense
Stun Skin StatueBeast-Warrior4
22Summoned SkullFiend6
12Swamp BattleguardWarrior5
11Sword Arm of DragonDinosaur6
399Swordsman from a Distant Land5Warrior1
Talons of ShurilaneFiend6
Terra the TerribleFiend4
That Which Feeds on LifeFiend4
16Time WizardSpellcaster2
Tomatohed Count27Winged Beast4
Turtle Oath
Twin Long Rods #2Aqua3
Two-tone SlitherFairy4
13TyhoneWinged Beast4
Tyrant DemideadThunder5
Ultimate Dragon
The Unhappy MaidenSpellcaster1
Valiant PowersSpellcaster5
Violet Crystal
Violet ManfaceWarrior4
Whalehead NeptuneAqua3
Whitepia SerpentPyro3
23The Wicked Worm BeastBeast3
7Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1Dragon4
Winged Trumpeter
Wisp ElementalBeast-Warrior4
Wolf Head HolyhoundReptile4
Wormhead TurtleFiend3
Wounded LizardReptile4
666Yamadron Ritual0
Yamatano Dragon ScrollDragon2
Zar GreenwingRock5
30Zombie Warrior21Zombie3

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