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This is a list of Spirit monster support cards.

OCG/TCG Spirit monster support cards

 Japanese nameMonster typeMonster subtypeAttributeTypeLevel/RankATKDEF
Aratama荒魂Effect Monster
Monster Card
Spirit monsterDARKFiend48001800
Izanagi伊弉凪Effect Monster
Monster Card
Izanami伊弉波Effect Monster
Monster Card
Spirit monsterWATERFairy411001800
Kawanokami河伯Monster Card
Effect Monster
Spirit monsterWATERAqua41800600
Nikitama和魂Effect Monster
Monster Card
Spirit monsterLIGHTFairy48001800
Rasetsu羅刹Effect Monster
Monster Card
Spirit monsterFIREFairy415001900
Yamato-no-Kami大和神Effect Monster
Monster Card
Spirit monsterDARKWarrior622001200
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Mirror of Yata八汰鏡Spell CardEquip Spell Card
Orb of Yasaka八尺勾玉Spell CardEquip Spell Card
Spirit's Invitationスピリットの誘いTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
Spiritual Energy Settle Machine霊子エネルギー固定裝置Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
Sword of Kusanagi草薙剣Spell CardEquip Spell Card

All Anime Spirit monster support cards

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Flaming Fist地獄炎拳Spell CardEquip Spell Card
Ground Breaking地鎮祭Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Spiritual Energy Settle Machine霊子エネルギー固定裝置Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
Vessel of Illusion幻影の器Trap CardNormal Trap Card

All Manga Spirit monster support cards

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