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Note: The reprint sets are not included in this list

Rares in Starter Decks

So far, Rare Cards have not been released in English Starter Decks. It is not likely this will ever happen

Rares in Booster Packs

Rares from LOB to MRD

Rares in LOB

Rares in MRD

Rares from MRL/SRL to SOD

Note: From this point on, the number of rare cards in a set was changed to 17 instead of the original of 22.

Rares in MRL/SRL

Rares in PSV

Rares in LON

Rares in LOD

Rares in PGD

Rares in MFC

Rares in DCR

Rares in IOC

Note: This Pack had 18 Rares instead of the standard 17.

Rares in AST

Rares from SOD onward

Note: From this point, the total number of Rare cards in a Set became 14, decreased from the previous 17. However, each Rare in a Set from this point forwards, has a corresponding Ultimate Rare, reprint Booster Packs excluded.

Rares in SOD

Rares in RDS

Rares in FET

Rares in TLM

Rares in CRV

Rares in EEN

Rares in SOI

Rares in EOJ

Rares in POTD

Rares in CDIP

Rares in STON

Rares in FOTB

Rares in TAEV

Rares in GLAS

Rares in PTDN

Rares in LODT

Rares in TDGS

Rares in CSOC

Rares in CRMS

Rares in RGBT

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